Why the Feel Good Bunch?

It's a cheeky reminder that life might feel like sh*t, but your workouts don't have to.

Exercise should fit into your life, improve how you feel, and be at least a little bit enjoyable. The gym is not life.

You remember how strength training got popular with women when they started saying it would make us "lean & toned?" 

Turns out, there are about a million reasons women benefit from strength training, like improved body image, a healthier heart, increased lean muscle mass, and a longer lifespan. Lifting weights can even pass along genetic benefits to your kids and grandkids.

I'm obsessed with helping women get confident in the weight room, because you deserve to live the healthiest life you can for as long as you can.

Training to improve your quality of life–today and 10 years from now–means building functional strength, eating enough, and getting plenty of rest.

That's why I created Beginner Barbell and filled it with relevant, realistic workouts. It's a program with everything you need to confidently move through the weight room and safely build strength.

Ready to become one of those bada** women in the weight room?

strength makes
life easier

There's a lotta info out there about how to move and eat, and it seems like 99% of it has something to do with shrinking hip dips?

I've tried every type of workout and eating plan under the sun, and I've learned and seen a lot in 7 years in the NYC fitness industry. Most of it is bullsh*t. Some of it isn't.

I break it all down in a sassy newsletter covering wellness trends, fitness nerdy talk, and strength training Q&A.

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